How to Setup SQL Server Management Studio


How to Setup SQL Server Management Studio and SSMS?

In the previous movie we’ve discussed different editions of course so we also decided to use a developer edition

As it’s free and it also comes with all features of Enterprise Edition. In this movie we’ll see how to

Download and install a developer version of SQL Server.

To do this go to your favorite web browser and type SQL Server Developer Edition

Latest installer.

Once you’re in this page go ahead and download a developer edition save or run it.

We have three basic options for this dialog box.

A basic, custom and downloaded media.

Let’s go with customer since we don’t need everything you can’t accept the default location where your

Extract file will get expanded.

Click install.

This is going to take some time.

Once it’s finished downloading it will extract the files to install.

go to “Installation” this will be installing a sequence of standalone version.

and add feature next.

The installer will check if there is any installation rules are violated, you might see some warning


The firewall is not disabled.

It’s normal ok, so you can ignore these warning message click next.

We will be installing a new SQL Server and

go ahead and select perform news SQL Server 2017 installation and click next.

It is going to ask you to add a product key.

A developer edition is free.

Just simply select a free developer edition.

Click next. You have to accept the license terms.

Next, it’s going to ask you to select features to installed.

Simply select a database engine and click next. You will have an option to pick a default instance which is


Or you can give it your name. It is common to use a default instance in the next dialog

It’s going to ask you to do a server configuration in a normal production environment.

You’re going to have to create a series accounting and use those services accounts you but for us.

You can accept the default values and click next.

You can pick your authentication mode.

You can leave it to a default.

Windows authentication select select a mixed mode authentication.

Which is nothing but SQL Server authentication plus a Windows authentication for us to see how

how the SQL authentication works let us select that one and give it a strong password that you will not forget.

Specify a SQL Server administrator in a normal production environment.

You’ll specify a services account here but for us add your account by clicking this button so that you

will have a full admin privilege in that SQL Server that you are installing.

Next, you’ll see a summary of the configuration you made previously.

If you see everything is good.

Click to install.

This is going to take some time.

We’ll come back once this is done.

After completing a sequence of developer edition installation the next thing to do is Tinas still see

SQL Server Management Studio which is an IDE to write any SQL statement.

As well as we can be able to use the GUI.

Open your favorite browser and type SQL Server Management Studio installer

Go to the first Microsoft Web site.

Then if you scroll down, you will see a tool section.

Download SQL Server Management Studio SSMS.

Click on that, wait for the installer to finish downloading install finished downloading click run

then click install, follow the on screen dialog box and finish installing sql server management studio and

I’ll be back once this is done.



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