How To Open Bak File İn Sql Server Management Studio?


How To Open Bak File İn Sql Server Management Studio?

If you have a database already made and you intend to use it in your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) program, the process is very simple: to use a file with the .bak extension. A file with a .bak extension provides a lot of convenience to the software developers. Look at the extension files you see in the photo below.

First, the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio program opens.
Click on the “Object Explorer” panel once. You will see the command “Database” on the incoming screen. Right-click on this command.
Click on the “Restore Database” command once again. The “Select Backup Device” window appears on the screen.


On the screen: Next to the “Specify the backup media and its location for your operation” command, select Backup Media type: “File” and select the “Look in this file” file and click Add.


We see the look file that we selected in the Database section and the name of our database is marked. Before you finish the process, click OK in the box below Restore and click OK.



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