How to install SQL Server on Mac and Windows

How to install SQL Server on Mac and Windows

First I will start with installing a school server on Mac then I will show you how to install a SQL Server on Windows.

In this course you’ll be learning is cute using Microsoft a school server. I will show you how to install a school server on both Mac as well as windows.

Section 1: Microsoft SQL Server on Mac

    • Docker Download

    • Docker Installation

You can see this I downloaded the downloads folder just click on the file you can see it’s asking to drag and drop this drag and drop into the Applications folder. Just wait for it to get copied with applications you can verify that you can see how the docker.

So once you verify this you can just close other windows. So now back to the applications click on the doco file. It’ll ask you Are you sure to open it. Yes click open it will ask for your password so just click OK. And already a password OK. OK.

And now you can see the doc a symbol at the top and you can see dot dot com starting. So after a while it will be running and you can either prevent a door correctly password and log in. Or you can just leave it. It’s not required.So let’s wait for it to start from start to running.

    • Kitematic Introduction

Now you can see the doctor is still up and running. And you can either provide your doctor I.D. and password or you can just leave it. Now we can close this one I’ll show you a tool called kite Matic this kite Matic is a graphical interface using which you’ll be managing your containers. So there is no need for using the terminal so to get this kite Matic just click the here.

    • Kitematic Installation

Yeah you can see the fight getting downloaded here. It will take a few seconds for the download to get completed. Now we can see the file it got downloaded you can just close this one drop this file into the applications go to the applications and yet you can see the file here to conduct and it’s asking audio should you want to open it.

Just click open, you can either provide it username plaza or you can just keep it for now. Now you can see a lot of images here. We are looking for Ms S close server so just type a must obscure and after typing a school you can see there are different images starting with a massive school.

You can see a massive school server another image another one with a massive school. Another one of them a school but you want the one from Microsoft which has more downloads. Just click the create and you can see the image getting downloaded.

    • Configure Docker settings for Microsoft SQL Server

    • Download Azure Data Studio

Next you need to connect to the school server and to connect with a school server. You need a tool called a zero data studio. Just go to Google and type as you data studio. You can see the official link from Microsoft using which you can download as your data studio scroll down and you can see for a macro yes you have the download file this contact.

    • Install Azure Data Studio

    • Download AdventureWorks Sample Database

    • Copy AdventureWorks backup file to Docker container

    • Restore AdventureWorks Sample database to SQL Server

Section 2: Microsoft SQL Server on Windows

    • Download SQL Server 2017 Express Edition

To install a school server on Windows first you need to get the school server 20 something explicit addition. So just go to Google dot com and type in a school server twenty something express addition download.

You can see the SQL Server 2017 express addition in the official Microsoft dot com download. No click see you can see the file getting downloaded the file got downloaded now so just go to the downloads folder. You can see the file that the downloads folder.

    • Install SQL Server 2017 Express Edition

    • Download and Install Azure Data Studio

    • Download AdventureWorks Sample Database

To get this over name go to the notepad. And copy the server name Paisley 70 and authentication type. Leave it as windows and other fields. This leave it as default.

Click connect and know you got connected to the SQL Server and you can verify this connection by writing a simple query click the new Cary using this curry. You can find the version of the SQL Server to which you got connected. Now select the curry patron.

You can see the evolution as a server 2017. And it comes with 4 system databases which you can look at the top but you need a sample database to practice. So to get this sample database go to Google and type adventure works sample database.

And this is the sample database provided by Microsoft. You can find the link for adventure books. Sample database from Microsoft dot com. Click on that link. It will direct you to the download page scroll down. And click.

The adventure looks to be something back of 5. You need adventure books 2017 because you installed a SQL Server 2013 Pixie so God downloaded go to the downloads folder you can see the file here. Next you need to restart this backup file to is Kosovo so just go back to the data studio and you can fight in the restored option here.

    • Restore AdventureWorks Sample Database to SQL Server

But before that let me first copy this downloaded backup file to my local right so in my C right I’m just creating a backup folder that I am going to copy this downloaded backup file and just copying it to this newly created backup folder in my local time.

Now back to the zoo data studio. Click restore and choose the backup file as option and choose the file but backup the C drive backup full of articulated how this backup fine pick. Okay.

And leave the names as default click restore. You can see the database getting restored. Here take a few seconds and you can see the database successfully restored on the Eskil server and we can verify this now by going through this window.

If you don’t see this window just click the button here and you will be seeing this window again. Go to the databases and you can see the sample database code restored let’s write a query against this database click. You could see and we’ll try to find the number of tables in this database.

So let’s write a basic query selected Curti run and it can see the tables and the sample database so these tables already has pre populated data. This in which you can practice it has something on tables so using this 70 on tables we can see our demos.



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