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Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting Tools


In this article, we will look at Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting Tools.

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP has numerous revealing devices: Report Writer, Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, FRx, Microsoft Access reports, Excel detailing. At the purpose once you see such an assortment of apparatuses, you ought to realize that the selection of report configuration instruments relies upon the thought of the report.

For instance, within the event that you simply need to interface various modules in Dynamics GP, for instance , Sales Order Processing and buy Order Processing (when your undertaking is run deals commission discharge, when things and administrations are sold and merchandise are conveyed by your providers) – at that time you would like to think about Crystal Reports or SRS , where you’ll make SQL Stored Procedure or deem a report foundation. we should always quickly survey the selection of announcing devices and their abilities:

FRx. FRx reports creator connects legitimately to Great Plains ledger . this suggests you need to consider these report configuration instruments for GL level reports, including united reports, that take an attempt at the FRx announcing structure. It additionally works with GL spending plans and has an alternate to solidify your GP organizations with virtual organizations, which are sent bent Excel worksheet – FRx has Excel connect instrument.

Elements GP Report Writer. The qualities of this device are the immediate call of existing reports from the GP workstation with parameter screens. RW is flawlessly coordinated with the GP interface and therefore the client assurance region. Such reports like SOP Invoice Blank structure is one among the foremost documented for RW change – you’ve got to place your organization logo on Sales Invoice Form.

You’ll likewise make a RW perfect report in Great Plains Dexterity Adjustments and these reports are going to be accessible through the GP Adjust menu. Such Dex reports are referred to as GP Alternate Modified reports. RW is a smaller amount adaptable than Crystal Reports or SRS, however it’d have a GP parameters section screen inside the GP client’s security territory

Gem Reports and SRS. you’ll feel that these two instruments originate from various providers and are probably not getting to be similar. Nonetheless, on account of Great Plains report plan, they’re comparative in report programming innovation – the simplest reports depend upon the MS SQL Server Stored system or SQL see

MS Access, Excel and nonexclusive MS Visual Studio .Net report distribution. Exceed expectations and MS Access can associate ODBC perfect DB stage, for instance , MS SQL Server in VBA scripting. C # or VB .Net programmer or Great Plains Technical Consultant can fabricate GP report by means of SQL select proclamation in ADO.Net.

On the off chance that you simply are a .Net MS Visual Studio engineer, consider considering eConnect programming versus direct SQL Select explanations. within the event that you simply need the structure of GP tables, introduce GP SDK from CD # 2

Functions and implementation of Windows Azure


Microsoft Azure is presently prevalently known as Windows Azure, the distributed computing stage created by Microsoft to manufacture, oversee, and send the applications and administrations over the Microsoft server farm arrange.

It gives IaaS and PaaS administrations and supports an assortment of programming dialects, structures and apparatuses, including outsider programming and frameworks and Microsoft.


Purplish blue is Microsoft’s cloud application stage. As of late in 2012, Azure discharged the accompanying highlights:

• The sites permit the designers to construct the destinations utilizing PHP, ASP.NET, Python or Node.js, and can be conveyed with Git, FTP or Mercurial Server.

• The virtual machines permit the designers to go from the framework without changing the code, in this manner running the Linux machines and the Windows Server. Cloud benefits additionally support the computerized staggered arrangements and situations. Microsoft’s Platform Service is utilized to make exhaustive applications and administrations.

Information the board

Once in the past known as the SQL Azure Database, the SQL Database attempts to scale and expand applications in the cloud utilizing SQL server innovation.

What is the purpose of Azure functions?

Media Services

Easter can be utilized for content security, encryption and gushing or examination. The Microsoft Azure stage gives an API based on HTTP, REST, and XML that permits the engineer to interface with the administrations offered by Azure. In addition, it additionally incorporates with Git, Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio. It likewise gives the oversaw library class that exemplifies the elements of associating with the administrations.

Different administrations


It helps in facilitating sites. The clients make the locales in ASP.NET, PHP, Python or Node.js and you can likewise look over different open source applications accessible in the display to execute. This is a part of Platform as a Service (PaaS) contributions for the Azure.

Virtual machines

Purplish blue virtual machines comprise of Infrastructure as the administration that goes from Microsoft to the open cloud. For instance, these machines bolstered the Windows Server 2008 and 2012 frameworks and wholesalers of Linux. Clients can likewise make the virtual machines that they figure out how to run the server farms.

Cloud administrations

The distributed computing administrations are the holders of the facilitated applications. The applications are normally open web applications, for example, web based business arrangements or sites. Designers compose code, for the most part for the cloud benefits in various programming dialects.

They can likewise be utilized in private preparing motors for other work, for example, request handling or information examination. In any case, some product advancement units were begun by Microsoft for Java, Python and NET. Different dialects support through the open source ventures.


Sky blue uses the specific working framework known as Microsoft Azure to run “texture layer”, which is facilitated in Microsoft’s server farms, which deals with the capacity and figuring assets of the PCs and the assets of the assets for the application being performed on the van. Sky blue. Unwavering quality and versatility are overseen by the Azure Fabric Controller.

The Microsoft Azure is portrayed as the “cloud layer” on the server frameworks that utilization Windows Server 2008 and furthermore the altered rendition of the Hyper-V, prevalently known as the Azure Hypervisor, to give virtualization of the administrations. Hence, nature and administrations don’t crash if the server inside the server farm crashes and gives the executives of the client’s web application, for example, load adjusting and memory assets.


Microsoft Azure has expressed that the United States government approaches the information stage under the United States Patriot Act, in spite of the fact that the facilitated organization isn’t American and the information is outside of the United States. Sky blue meets E.U. information insurance order. To oversee security and protection concerns, Microsoft has made the Microsoft Trust Center.

What is a Relational Database?

What is Relational Database
What is Relational Database

What is a Relational Database Management Studio, Model, in access, schema, sql, usef for, definition etc..

Hey what’s up everyone. Welcome back to your second database design series. This video we’re going to be talking about the relation very basic. Don’t freak out with this math. We’re not going to go super in-depth with Matthew and know more about the math.

I have blogs on the website about that killed Kurt come forward slash blogs advertising not box advertising house advertising anyway. Basically your relation is just a connection between data. So let’s just think of silly example if we have the two sets of numbers 2 4 and the other set was 6 8 and then we kind of combine these sets. So we kind of life crossed here and then we crossed that again.

And one of these cross is our new sets we have the combined set of six. And know we have a combined set of six for me that combines a tune that combines a and like you’re probably wondering like what the heck does THAT have to do with database design. Well some what we kind of do the same thing with database design relation in relational database comes from this mathematic concept but rather than combining sets of numbers we’re combining attributes of real world things.

So let’s apply this to the database first you need to know two terms. The first one is an entity. The second one is for you. So an entity is anything we store data about attributes are the things that we store. So if an entity is a person an attribute would be their name their username and password their hair color their address their phone number their relationships that the person they’re in a relationship with the orders that they’ve made or whatever whatever it is.

It just depends on what you need to store for that specific application. So Anthony is what we store the data about the tribute is what we store when we apply this to this. This connection with the the relation we have the Freeview types and the attribute values. So let’s say we have this person over here and we’ll name them Caillaud because it’s an awesome name.

All right. And then we will also give them a user name. Caleb Currie with no spaces. And we give them the password PI 2:59 and then over here we have the set of attributes for a table we have name user name and password. We can make this connection of data. So the name is Caleb the user name will curry passwords PI 1 2 3.

That makes sense although graphically it looks like a mess. So we store these in teams which is exactly what we were doing with the relation’s So we have all of your inner columns we have we have a name and then we have the user name and then the password. Don’t worry if you can’t read my handwriting you get it. We started this in a table.

All right. So these are the things we need to connect with this person over here which we named Caleb and I actually raced them whatever. What does that that. So that’s cool. And we want to store this information in this table which is a graphical way to say to illustrate how we’re storing data in a database. So we take his name.

We take his username cable courier we take his password I to three we kind of get this same concept. It almost looks like a spreadsheet that we talk on the last day although it is slightly different and we’ll be talking about as time goes on. This guy is the entity that we’re storing information about. These are the attributes that we need to store about this person or any other person. So we enter specific values for each one of these attributes to make the relation between the attributes and the entity that makes somewhat sense. And if it doesn’t don’t freak out it’s ok.

I mean this is complex thought and you don’t necessarily need to understand every single detail to design a database. So I’m just trying to explain things and we’ll get through it. These are the attributes of this person. This entity an entity is basically just anything we store data about.  It’s something can be a person in this case but it can also be in order.

What is a Relational Database Management Studio?

It can be a customer can be a client it can be a employee an employer whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be a person. So now the relation idea and you kind of understand that we’re just making the connection between the attributes and the entity the value the entity attributes. We’re entering the database. That’s that’s kind of a weak explanation but honestly it doesn’t really matter that much for getting into a basic database design.

So if you can learn more about that look up relational database design you’ll figure it out. So now we have the entity over there. And then we have 36 so in table terms you probably know rows and columns you might not know specifically what they are. I’m going to tell you this right here in a row.  You see that you run that space here. I think we’re good. Yeah.

So this all of these values are erro. So I row is all of the attribute values for a specific entity. So this row and these are just going this this row points to that entity that person pretty simple a column or all of the values for a specific attribute type. So the attributes that we could have another person Billie-Jo up and his name is password can be within you and his name can be. And this is another person in our table. So this is talking about a different person.

We have his first number you seem pretty chill. All this row is talking about this and the user name is a call where we have all of the attribute types. Username. So Caleb. Billy Joe and whatever more we put more values into the table. So once again a little messy. I was going to clean up the race. So just to summarize a bit. We have very first thing we have at the time. That’s the word you want to talk about into these I’ll just tell you what it is.

This is Anthony. And then we have the interview by. So basically the type means it’s a category. So the person was the specific entity that the guy whose name Caleb now wasn’t it was the person that we all saw the entity Joe or Billy or whatever his name was. Those were two separate people two separate entities although you could tell that they were somewhat similar.

They were both in the same table.They were both talking about the username password and so forth. So the Inzaghi time is user a specific entity would be cable or Bill or Jane or Jake or whoever it is. So the internet time is basically in the category of the entities that have restoring the categories of user and all of the all the entities within it should be a user. So my camera stop recording by itself for some reason which is super annoying. But anyway so the type is the category of entities such as user.

Every single entity should be a user. Cable was a user. Billy was a user of Jimmy John we could have got Katherine we could have Caitlin we could have Casandra we can have you get one naturally types basically the categories of attributes. So we had the user name we had the the name we had the password of these or attribute types because we don’t actually have a specific value.

It’s like no one’s name is name. When we actually give these specific values they no longer become types and they become specific examples. So this guy over here here is our anti gun store. So basically here’s a recipe we can store attributes about this entity the user name can be Caleb curry. The name could be Caleb and the password can be PI 2:59. So these are specific attributes about that guy. Now all these are all complex terms and who really cares what really matters is can you put this into a table for people to understand who really cares if you know the terms of it.

I mean I’m sure your professor cares so make him anyways. Table to columns or the attributes so we can have for example an idea a password a user name and email. We can keep going address phone number and whatever else. And then a row is where we give the value for every single one of these attributes. All talking about one entity. So like this guy this guy right here. Well as you do for example 72. His user name is Caitlin curry. His email is cool guy at hotmail dot com blah blah blah blah blah. All of this row talks about this guy.

So basically just think attributes are comb’s entities or individual. So sweet. And then this whole thing right here. This is the table and that is the entity type so the entity type was the user because every single row in this table should be user. Oh another thing I would like to mention real quick of another name in mathematics for a row is a tumble or a tuple. I think it’s trouble.

I don’t know but that is another term you will hear. So yeah Tuttle is a thinking sorry for like yelling Get all intense fun right. So that’s the lesson in this video. If you want to subscribe you better do that like right now with scribe. And if you haven’t subscribed yet you better subscribe and also click like subscribe. Thank you and I will see you guys in the next video where we’ll be talking about relational database management systems.

Another big word which we will explain shortly. So see around.

How to install SQL Server on Mac and Windows

How to install SQL Server on Mac and Windows

First I will start with installing a school server on Mac then I will show you how to install a SQL Server on Windows.

In this course you’ll be learning is cute using Microsoft a school server. I will show you how to install a school server on both Mac as well as windows.

Section 1: Microsoft SQL Server on Mac

    • Docker Download

    • Docker Installation

You can see this I downloaded the downloads folder just click on the file you can see it’s asking to drag and drop this drag and drop into the Applications folder. Just wait for it to get copied with applications you can verify that you can see how the docker.

So once you verify this you can just close other windows. So now back to the applications click on the doco file. It’ll ask you Are you sure to open it. Yes click open it will ask for your password so just click OK. And already a password OK. OK.

And now you can see the doc a symbol at the top and you can see dot dot com starting. So after a while it will be running and you can either prevent a door correctly password and log in. Or you can just leave it. It’s not required.So let’s wait for it to start from start to running.

    • Kitematic Introduction

Now you can see the doctor is still up and running. And you can either provide your doctor I.D. and password or you can just leave it. Now we can close this one I’ll show you a tool called kite Matic this kite Matic is a graphical interface using which you’ll be managing your containers. So there is no need for using the terminal so to get this kite Matic just click the here.

    • Kitematic Installation

Yeah you can see the fight getting downloaded here. It will take a few seconds for the download to get completed. Now we can see the file it got downloaded you can just close this one drop this file into the applications go to the applications and yet you can see the file here to conduct and it’s asking audio should you want to open it.

Just click open, you can either provide it username plaza or you can just keep it for now. Now you can see a lot of images here. We are looking for Ms S close server so just type a must obscure and after typing a school you can see there are different images starting with a massive school.

You can see a massive school server another image another one with a massive school. Another one of them a school but you want the one from Microsoft which has more downloads. Just click the create and you can see the image getting downloaded.

    • Configure Docker settings for Microsoft SQL Server

    • Download Azure Data Studio

Next you need to connect to the school server and to connect with a school server. You need a tool called a zero data studio. Just go to Google and type as you data studio. You can see the official link from Microsoft using which you can download as your data studio scroll down and you can see for a macro yes you have the download file this contact.

    • Install Azure Data Studio

    • Download AdventureWorks Sample Database

    • Copy AdventureWorks backup file to Docker container

    • Restore AdventureWorks Sample database to SQL Server

Section 2: Microsoft SQL Server on Windows

    • Download SQL Server 2017 Express Edition

To install a school server on Windows first you need to get the school server 20 something explicit addition. So just go to Google dot com and type in a school server twenty something express addition download.

You can see the SQL Server 2017 express addition in the official Microsoft dot com download. No click see you can see the file getting downloaded the file got downloaded now so just go to the downloads folder. You can see the file that the downloads folder.

    • Install SQL Server 2017 Express Edition

    • Download and Install Azure Data Studio

    • Download AdventureWorks Sample Database

To get this over name go to the notepad. And copy the server name Paisley 70 and authentication type. Leave it as windows and other fields. This leave it as default.

Click connect and know you got connected to the SQL Server and you can verify this connection by writing a simple query click the new Cary using this curry. You can find the version of the SQL Server to which you got connected. Now select the curry patron.

You can see the evolution as a server 2017. And it comes with 4 system databases which you can look at the top but you need a sample database to practice. So to get this sample database go to Google and type adventure works sample database.

And this is the sample database provided by Microsoft. You can find the link for adventure books. Sample database from Microsoft dot com. Click on that link. It will direct you to the download page scroll down. And click.

The adventure looks to be something back of 5. You need adventure books 2017 because you installed a SQL Server 2013 Pixie so God downloaded go to the downloads folder you can see the file here. Next you need to restart this backup file to is Kosovo so just go back to the data studio and you can fight in the restored option here.

    • Restore AdventureWorks Sample Database to SQL Server

But before that let me first copy this downloaded backup file to my local right so in my C right I’m just creating a backup folder that I am going to copy this downloaded backup file and just copying it to this newly created backup folder in my local time.

Now back to the zoo data studio. Click restore and choose the backup file as option and choose the file but backup the C drive backup full of articulated how this backup fine pick. Okay.

And leave the names as default click restore. You can see the database getting restored. Here take a few seconds and you can see the database successfully restored on the Eskil server and we can verify this now by going through this window.

If you don’t see this window just click the button here and you will be seeing this window again. Go to the databases and you can see the sample database code restored let’s write a query against this database click. You could see and we’ll try to find the number of tables in this database.

So let’s write a basic query selected Curti run and it can see the tables and the sample database so these tables already has pre populated data. This in which you can practice it has something on tables so using this 70 on tables we can see our demos.